Stuart French

Topic:  Sharing Knowledge Across the Generations

Stuart French With a broad background in the Oil, Water, Healthcare and Credit industries, Stuart has gained worldwide recognition as author of the blog, and is currently the Head of Customer Success at My Local Enterprises in Melbourne, Australia.

Stuart combines 25 years of professional experience with a Masters of Knowledge Management (KM) to help companies with expertise identification & management, collaboration, teamwork and knowledge systems to improve their performance and resilience to change. His research on wikis and knowledge cultures led to a fascination with complexity theory which he now enjoys teaching to various organisations and universities so they can bridge the gap between corporate strategy and service excellence.

He has worked as a knowledge strategy consultant, facilitated the KM Roundtable, helped build a small Australian company into a multinational success and provided government departments with the insight and tools they need to deal with both planned and emergency change. He continues to assist in the leadership of the Knowledge Management Leadership forum (VIC) and was recently honoured to represent Australia at the KM Global Network AGM in Singapore.

A long time game player, he noticed shared concepts between the ancient game of Go, complexity theory and the way teams develop & share expertise. For over a decade he has used games to teach students and business people how to think differently about solving complex problems.