Ron Young (Keynote speaker)

Topic.  The Future of the Knowledge Profession.

Global knowledge has been growing at an exponential rate for many years. We are now in the era of collaborative and co-creative human and machine intelligence. The future is even more dependent on the way we create, retain, transfer and apply critical knowledge for economic, industrial, business, political, social and societal development. However, the Knowledge Profession, a mix of professionals across a range of disciplines, is not evolving fast enough to lead societies thinking and leverage emerging opportunities. Ironically, an identifiable, connected and collaborative international knowledge professional society has not formed and the understanding of the strategic management of critical knowledge assets remains limited. Knowledge professionals appear to be competing for a small knowledge market, rather than co-creating awareness to collectively grow the market.

It is time to stimulate the formation of a society of knowledge professionals with a shared vision, to demonstrate the possibilities and benefits effective knowledge practices can deliver, and how these can inform strategic decisions that create and improve the future and build professional competency development.

Ron Young is the founder of Knowledge Associates International group of companies, international management consultants based at St Johns Innovation Centre, Cambridge U.K. He is acknowledged as a leading international expert and thought leader in strategic knowledge asset management. He specializes in knowledge driven results. He advised and assisted the UK DTI Innovation Unit in 1999 in the production of the UK Government White Paper ‘UK Competitiveness in the Knowledge Driven Economy’. He is currently advising the Government of India as part of the national ‘Digital India’ project.

He regularly provides keynote presentations and workshops at leading international conferences around the world. He chairs the BSI Knowledge Management Standards Committee, and is a member of the ISO Standards work groups for Knowledge Management, Asset Management and Quality. He lectures on the Global Knowledge Economy, and he presents accredited Knowledge Asset Management at King’s College Cambridge University, UK. He has consulted to the World Bank, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, and the inter-governmental Asian Productivity Organization, Tokyo.

Ron specialises in developing knowledge strategies, policies, governance models, standards, knowledge systems and knowledge driven platforms. He works with major multi-national corporations, international UN agencies, Governments, military, and professional institutions globally. He was a lead consultant for the European Commission 2 Million euro ‘Know-Net’ project.

He is joint author of the books Knowledge Asset Management (Springer 2003), Upside Down Management (McGraw Hill Europe 1996), Knowledge Management: Facilitators Guide (Asian Productivity Organization, Tokyo, 2009), Knowledge Management: Case Studies for SME’s (APO, Tokyo, 2009), Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques (APO, Tokyo, 2010), Knowledge Management for the Public Sector (APO, Tokyo 2014) and Enhancing Knowledge Productivity (APO, Tokyo 2017). He is currently researching the Fourth Industrial Revolution (I4.0) and Global Industrial Strategy development.