Marie O’Brien

Topic. “Social Technology”: The new organisational structures of Holacracy and Dual Operating System: what are they and how might they work in practice?

In Part 1 of this topic Marie O’Brien will provide an overview of both of these new organisational structure trends, explaining “Circles”, and how they help organisations be more agile and responsive. She will then present a case study covering the implementation of the first four of the “Eight Accelerators” of John Kotter’s “Dual Operating System”.

Part 2 of this topic will cover the second four of Kotter’s Eight Accelerators. Alexandra Lederer will share her case study of implementing “Circles” as part of an employee value proposition strategy to engage her organisation in building a culture of learning.

Marie O’Brien is a highly experienced and skilled organisational change consultant, facilitator and strategist with over fifteen years experience in facilitation based organisational effectiveness programs in both the private and public sector, and a range of industries. Her career has been driven by finding better ways to deliver better outcomes – working with clients to build capability and culture to allow their people to deliver their best.

Over the past ten years Marie’s focus has been on helping clients leverage their existing knowledge and support the creation of new knowledge for better organisational outcomes. Her passion for helping clients become Learning Organisations led her to facilitate the Organisational Learning Consortium for four years where people from different organisations came together to share, learn and prototype strategies and initiatives to build high performing Learning Organisations for sustainable success in a world of massive change. This included helping clients develop their Knowledge Framework to work with their existing culture and strengths, ensuring that the experience, knowledge and skills of their people are shared and built upon by each other to continually enhance performance.

Marie currently sits on the Australian Government Consultative Committee on Knowledge Capital (AGCCKC), is the Chair of the NSW Knowledge Management Forum and is a Committee Member of the AHRI NSW Learning Development Network.