Eric Tsui

Topic.  Re-wiring our brain in the Cloud: Excelling with Knowledge Work in the age of digitalisation.

Eric will discuss the power of cloud computing and how a knowledge cloud, which offers a re-framing of a cloud to consist of not only IT infrastructure but also connections, people power and artificial intelligence, can support product and services innovations via community building, crowdsourcing, ideation, micro-tasking and human- machine cooperative problem-solving. With its high connectivity, massive repositories and connections, the Cloud is naturally the canvas for the orchestration and delivery of knowledge services. However, in order to exploit the potential of the Cloud, some major unlearning’s are needed. This talk will conclude with a corporate strategy for managing knowledge in the age of digitalisation and will showcase a range of Big Data achievements from various industries including automobile, healthcare, transportation, and retail.

Eric Tsui is the Associate Director of the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre (KMIRC) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Vice President of the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society. He designed and launched PolyU’s first MOOC titled “Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business” on MIT’s edX platform and has attracted over 53,000 registrations since August 2015.  Prior to joining PolyU, he was Chief Research Officer, Asia Pacific for CSC Australia and was one of three original developers of COLOSSUS, the word’s largest and most durable expert system in commercial use.