Mark Schenk

Topic. Restoring humanity to the workplace – one story at a time.

Since 2004 Anecdote has been using business storytelling to help organisations be more appropriate and rewarding places for people to work. Storytelling as a tool for sharing knowledge has been around for as long as humans. The few organisations that understand this are making tremendous progress. This presentation will describe the successes and hazards of using storytelling in our organisational lives using examples from both Australia and overseas.

Mark Schenk is the Managing Director of Anecdote International Pty Ltd. He left the Air Force in 1998 after a 20-year career as a logistics officer. His foray into the consulting world took a surprising twist when he stumbled across the natural power of stories. This led to a major change of career to focus on discovering how organisations and leaders can tap into this power. Mark doesn’t consider himself a good storyteller, he just knows the power of using simple narrative patterns to achieve outstanding business results.

Anecdote was formed in 2004. The company is focussed on putting stories to work and helping to restore humanity to the workplace. Being in a niche market has provided many lessons in business, especially surviving two major market downturns and has required considerable experimentation with business models. Mark’s time is divided between growing Anecdote’s International Partner network which now includes over 50 Partners in 25 countries, and delivering Anecdote’s workshops and consulting projects. He is passionate about using stories to help leaders be more engaging, inspiring and influential, and in helping organisations make their strategies stick.