Shawn Callahan

Topic. Engaging Millennials Through Story. 

Shawn Callahan Through his company, Anecdote, Shawn applies inspirational story methods to business. Consequently, he’s helped some of world’s top companies to make their strategies really stick, including Fortune 500 firms in New York, London, Singapore and Australia. Shawn’s specialty is helping analytically minded executives to find and tell the stories that engage the emotions of, and ultimately inspire action from, their employees and customers.

Shawn started out as a geographer and archaeologist before working in the field of information technology with the likes of Oracle and IBM. His story-work began in 1999 while he was at IBM, when he started applying complexity theory to business issues. It was a time when story-based approaches to corporate practice were definitely on the fringe, but that was soon to change.

In 2004, when Shawn founded Anecdote, he had one clear aim in mind – to use story-work to bring out the humanity in organisations. In the decade of pioneering international consulting he has performed since then, he has taught business leaders how to be effective storytellers, and collected powerful organisational stories that prompt employees to work out for themselves what needs to change. It is an approach that continues to break new ground.

Anecdote is now in the privileged position of being one of the most experienced and highly regarded story-based management consulting firms in the world. Shawn works with companies across all fields of business to develop their strategic stories and successfully embed their strategies. The leadership development, mentoring and communications programs that Shawn conducts all have a common goal: to bring company strategies to life.