Sharon Hayward

Bupa Case Study.  Agile co-creation of real time knowledge.

Bupa have been developing an agile approach to enable the real time use of knowledge to enhance customer experiences. This approach requires an inclusive co-creation of insights to build supporting systems that customer service personnel can engage with in real time, to provide the best knowledge in the context of the customer. Development of interactive systems has significantly shifted how customer service personnel access and engage with systems content and knowledge to provide optimal service during engagement with the customer.

Sharon Hayward is leading a multi-year Knowledge transformation program that targets a significant uplift in internal knowledge experience which will in turn enrich the experience of Bupa’s customers.  Incorporating business modelling, design thinking, Agile approach and Human Centred design, the team is successfully changing the way Bupa people are thinking about knowledge management in a customer environment and the relationships between the knowledge services team and internal and external stakeholders.