Nerida Hart

Workshop B.  A less structured format that creates space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity.

We start with an organisational problem and unpack the aspects of it that could be addressed with a range of KM techniques. We will then explore, road-test a range of those techniques to provide the participants with the experience of applying them in a given situation.  Techniques will include:

  • Reverse Brainstorming
  • Organizational zoo
  • Knowledge Management Strategy Canvas
  • Future Backwards
  • Story Spine
  • Clean Space
  • KM technique speed dating

Participants can suggest a topic or a problem that could be addressed, or we will take a contemporary issue and see if our collective genius can uncover a solution.

Day 2 will also provide an opportunity for participants to explore emerging KM models, practices and experiential activities to create and share knowledge. Do you have a KM technique that you want to practice or try out before applying it in the workplace?

At Day 2 you will have access to range of KM practitioners that have done this before and can share insights on the tricks and traps for a number of methods. If you have a candidate model, concept or activity that you would like to road-test, contact the organisers as soon as possible with your ideas.

Nerida Hart is an off-the-grid, Information and knowledge management professional with more than 30 years’ experience in information and knowledge strategy development and services. Her strengths are in transforming knowledge management theory into practice and creating solutions.