Dr Arthur Shelley

Topic.  Knowledge Leadership to enhance performance in uncertainty.

Too many knowledge programs are about managing existing knowledge rather than creating new knowledge for the future. If we capture knowledge like a prisoner we lock it away where it costs money to keep it the way it is. If we open our mindset to knowledge leadership, we can release the knowledge to bounce it around, adapt, hybridise, generate new insights and create new options for the future. Knowledge leadership is divergent and forward looking whereas traditional knowledge management is convergent and focuses on current problems. Where does the future belong? Let’s see what we can co-create together…

Workshop AKnowledge informs strategy rather than the other way round.

The standard strategy creation process in many organisations is that “the powers from high” (whoever they are) determine strategy and bestow their preferred path upon the workers to implement. The role of many knowledge managers is to respond these (often changing) demands and expectations, with knowledge-based initiatives to help deliver it. However, one wonders on what basis this strategy is determined and whether it is well informed or sustainable. In this workshop, we will work through how those in touch with the most current core knowledge can play a greater role in informing strategy what the optimal direction can be.

Dr Arthur Shelley is a capability development and knowledge strategy consultant with over 30 years professional experience. He has held a variety of roles including Global Knowledge Director in a multinational corporation and manager of international projects in Australia, Europe, Asia and USA. Arthur is an awarded tertiary educator, including a 2014 Australian Office of Learning and Teaching citation for outstanding contributions to student learning.

In addition to his company Intelligent Answers producing personal development events, Arthur himself facilitates creative workshops as well as F2F, blended, and virtual courses on Knowledge Driven Performance and Project Leadership in RMIT University’s MBA and Master of Project Management programs and Knowledge Management through Open Universities Australia.

Arthur has written three books including; KNOWledge SUCCESSion(2017), Being a Successful Knowledge Leader (2009), The Organizational Zoo (2007), in addition to several book chapters, journal articles and a blog providing insights from his metaphor and behaviour research.